बनिये वैलनेस मित्र , सीखिए और कमाइए !

बनिये वैलनेस मित्र सीखिए और कमाइए !

" Be a Wellness Coach "

" Be a Wellness Coach "

A Professionally Trained and Certified, Wellness Trainer, Wellness Expert and Wellness Entrepreneur,
Spreading Ancient Indian Ayurveda & Holistic Healing Science to make The Society Healthy and Happy !

A Professionally Trained and Certified, Wellness Trainer, Wellness Expert and Wellness Entrepreneur, Spreading Ancient Indian Ayurveda & Holistic Healing Science to make The Society Healthy and Happy !

Become Eustan | Singapore Certified and Professionally Trained

Become Eustan | Singapore Certified and Professionally Trained

  • Wellness Trainer
  • Wellness Entrepreneur
  • Wellness Expert

आज के आधुनिक समाज में जीवनशैली से जुड़ी बीमारियां और इससे जुड़े विकार उनके जीवन का हिस्सा बन चुका है। मधुमेह, बीपी, कोलेस्ट्रॉल, हृदय संबंधी समस्याएं, उच्च रक्तचाप, तनाव, थायराइड, पीसीओडी, बांझपन, और जोड़ों का दर्द जैसी विकार कुछ प्रमुख बीमारियां हैं जिनका सामना आज समाज कर रहा है।

It is increasing the Demand for trained and professional Wellness Experts, Wellness Consultants, Wellness Trainers and Wellness Coaches gradually and day by day. As Illness & Diseases have choked our society, people are looking for the consultants and trainers who can help them to regain their Health and Happiness back in their families with Wellness Services.

Be A Wellness Coach

"Be a Wellness Coach"

Learn Indian Ancient Ayurveda & Nature Based Wellness Therapies

Learn Indian Ancient Ayurveda & Nature Based Wellness Therapies

सीखें भारतीय प्राचीन आयुर्वेद और अन्य प्राकर्तिक वैलनेस थेरपी

You, as Wellness Coach, can build your expertise in following wellness areas !


Reiki Healing

Diet & Nutrition

Chakra Therapy

Water Therapy

Pranic Science

NLP Therapy

Yog Mudra

Energy Medicine

Yoga & Aasans

Mind Power

Herbs & Aurveda

Be A Wellness Coach

Be A Wellness Coach

भारत को 2025 तक 5 लाख वेलनेस कोच और प्रशिक्षकों की आवश्यकता है

India needs 5 Lac Wellness Coaches and Trainers by 2025

The retail value of the health and wellness market in India amounted to approximately 8.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2018. This was forecast to reach nearly 16 billion dollars by 2023. The CAGR for this sector of the retail market was 14 % between 2019 and 2023 .


Start Your Career As

Wellness Entrepreneur

Wellness Entrepreneur

  • Wellness Coach
  • Wellness Trainer
  • Wellness Consultants
  • Wellness Facilitators
  • Wellness Therapist
  • Wellness Counselors
  • Wellness Speaker
  • Wellness Center Owner

Make Your DREAMS come TRUE !

Legendary Wellness Coach

India needs 5 Lac wellness expert by 2025

Successful Corporate Trainer

Every corporate struggling for productvity

International Life Coach

Wellness is global demand for peace and happiness

Dynamic Motivational Speaker

People needs inspirational and encouragement

Profitable Business Owner

Wellness is trillion dollar industry

Be A Global Wealthy Citizen

All global culture and communities are converging

Wellness Mitra
Startup module

Online, Offline & Practical Coaching

120 Hours in 6 Months

Wellness Mitra Startup Module

( 120 Hours in 6 Months )

"Wellness Mitra Startup module" is Specially Designed for young wellness entrepreneurs of india and abroad Today Wellness Industry is growing rapidly all over the world, capturing a huge healthcare market in alternate holistic apporach. It is very relevant to train and develop the youth with knowledge, skills and tailents to provide the services through alternate holistic medcine

Programme Benefits

  • Start Your Career in WELLNESS INDUSTORY !
  • Learn to Earn 25K to 2.5 Lac per month* !
  • Earn Name & Fame in Society for Noble Cause !
  • Opportunity to start your own wellness point/center !
  • Establish yourself as a Professional Wellness Coach !
  • Opportunity to Become Corporate Trainer !

Grand Reiki Master

Startup Module Key Focus Area

  • Wellness Business - an trillion Dollar Opportunity
    1. Why Wellness?
    2. Wellness Bazar
    3. Career in wellness
  • Ayurved & Nature - the Master Science
    1. Need of Ayurved
    2. Facts & Figures analysis
    3. Knowing body, mind & soul
    4. Cause of diseases
    5. Detoxification and Treatment
    6. Panchkarma & Suddhi process
  • Health and Fitness - the Art of Wellbeing
    1. Pranayam and Breathing
    2. Yog and Exercise
    3. Dhyan and Meditation
  • Energy Healing - the Science of universe
    1. Quantam Healing
    2. Reiki Healing
    3. NLP Techniques
    4. Art of Telepathy
  • Basic medical instrument trainig - Knowing first Aid
    1. Sugar / BP / Pulse testing
    2. SpO2 / Temprature measuring
    3. Dressing & First Aid help
    4. Quantum Bio-analyser machine training
  • Knowing aurvedic & wellness supplements
    1. Understanding herbs, shrubs and their benifits
    2. Knowing human body mechanism
    3. Diseases - Symptoms & Solutions
  • "FWAYADA" Therapy and Its Practical Aspects
    1. Soil therapy
    2. Water therapy
    3. Oil therapy
    4. Colour therapy
    5. Chakra therapy
  • Business promotion tools & techniques
    1. Digital Marketing
    2. Sales Funnel
    3. Image Building
    4. Event Management

Upcoming Date

Duration : 6 Months (120 Hours)
Mode of Training : Online, Offline, Practical Training
First Batch : 5th Sep 2021 to 5th Feb 2022
Time : 4 Hours Weekly on zoom
Regular Price :

INR 58,000 /-

Offer Price :

INR 15000 /-

* taxes and gift delivery charges extra

  • Bundle of study material
  • Free gift to every paticipent
  • Opportunity to startup

Register Now

Register Now

एक सफल वैलनेस मित्र बनकर अपने सपनों को साकार करें ।

Wellness Coach SCOPE in Wellness Industry

  • Start your Business in 1.5 trillion industry at 20% YoY growth rate.
  • Career beyond Health, Happiness & Harmony by serving the mankind.
  • Opportunity to cater your Desire into the field of Training & Traveling.
  • Plan your Purpose, Passion & Prosperity to make India healthy.
  • Entrepreneur of new era with Talent, Technology & Team to reach the sky.

Be A Wellness Coach

Be A Wellness Coach

What People Say

What People Say

Certification and Training by

Certification by eustan

a unique platform and network of business professionals, who are committed to support the fresh ideas, innovations and existing setups for next level of growth !

We partner with people who cultivate common mission to build people. The people, who can add value to the society with their successful businesses, innovations, creativity and leadership to make this world a better world every single day.

They think beyond the logic. They rather make dreams come true. They are committed to create winning teams, systems and infrastructures. They believe in businesses which are in harmony with the universal song.

Training by 180degree

180degree is a leading edge of comprehensive training industry that provides customized services and solutions to different Industry verticals.

Since inception, “180degree platform” is focusing on achieving the Personal/ Family/ Business goals of their customers & partners through quality and timely delivered services and solutions. Our team of experts and facilitators is empowered by process skilled, domain experienced professionals who all are immensely competitive in their domain area in three Areas.

Our business philosophy is to “Create value through competitive training solutions”. Our endeavors to provide innovative business solutions to different industry verticals at a very competitive cost through a rich combination of processes, technology and skilled manpower.


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" Be a Wellness Coach "

" Be a Wellness Coach "