Rajpurohit Aacharya Rakesh Narayan Ji

Aarogyacharya, Ayurveda Expert

Rajpurohit Aacharya Rakesh Narayan Ji

( Aarogyacharya, Ayurveda Expert )

He is the man of energy which he believes in the form of man or the matter. Every celestial body from the star to the dust, cell to the celebrity, man to the plants are energy. Energy controls every thing the Mind, the Body and the Soul in synchronization with celestial body. Aarogya that is “the wellness”, is directly influenced by the energy either from plants or planets or particles. Ayurveda and Astrology being the science of nature plays a great role in one's life to live.

Rajpurohit Aacharya Rakesh Narayan Ji is a renowned Ayurveda Expert as well as an Astrology Analyst. He has spent his whole life in the Gurukul of Vrindavan learning vedas, ayurvedas, vyakaran, jyotish and several other scriptures of hindusahitya. His study and experience empowered him the acumen insight of energy science, aastangyog and many other alternative therapies. He has been blessed with powerful speech, charismatic persona, philanthropic attitude and emotional religious intelligence. His skills of Yagyam, Tantram, Yantram and Mantram always benefits the disciples to live happy and stress free life. The great knowledge of herbs and their uses, the skills of yog, pranayama & the therapies, made him an excellent Aarogyacharya& Wellness Trainer. The way he explains the Bhagwat is mesmeric and mind blowing. His 40 years of experience bestows 180degree platform, Wellmaats Aarogya life and Maats family as a blessings from the almighty.


Ayurveda and Alternate Therapies
Astrology and role in Health
Yagyam, Mantram and Home
Light Therapies
Energy Healing
Spiritual Practices for Healthy Life
Herbs and Nutrition
Yog, Pranayam and Meditation
Asan and Yogic Kripa
Spiritual Literature, Granth
Shri Bhagwat
Dhyan Mudra and Techniques

“ आत्मज्ञानं समारम्भः तितिक्षा धर्मनित्यता । यमर्थान्नापकर्षन्ति स वै पण्डित उच्यते ॥ ”