19,20,21 July 2019, Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand

Three Days Residential Training - “Wellness Educator Level 1”

Wellness Coach

A Professionally Trained and Certified, Wellness Trainer, Wellness Expert and Wellness Entrepreneur,
Spreading Ancient Indian Ayurveda & Holistic Healing Science to make The Society Healthy and Happy !

In today’s modern society, Lifestyle diseases and its related disorders are part of their life. Disorders like Diabetes, BP, Cholesterol, Heart Related Issues, Hypertension, STRESS, Thyroid, PCOD, Infertility, and Joint Pains are some of the major ailments which society is facing these days.

It is increasing the Demand for trained and professional Wellness Experts, Wellness Consultants, Wellness Trainers and Wellness Coaches gradually and day by day. As Illness & Diseases have choked our society, people are looking for the consultants and trainers who can help them to regain their Health and Happiness back in their families with Wellness Services.

Be A Wellness Coach

"Be a Wellness Coach"

Body-Mind-Soul Mechanism

You, as Wellness Coach, can build your expertise in following wellness areas !


Reiki Healing

Diet & Nutrition

Chakra Therapy

Water Therapy

Pranic Science

NLP Therapy

Yog Mudra

Energy Medicine

Yoga & Aasans

Mind Power

Herbs & Aurveda

Be A Wellness Coach

Be A Wellness Coach

Why Wellness Industry and Training?

India needs 2.5 Lac Wellness Coaches and Trainers by 2020

Indian Wellness Industry likely to hit Rs 1.5 trillion by FY2019-20: Report India’s population today is relatively young (due to the high birth rates) with about 47% of the population expected to enter the elderly phase down the line. The Indian wellness industry was estimated at close to Rs. 85,000 crore in financial year 2014-15 and is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 12% for the next 5 years. The industry can achieve about Rs. 1.5 trillion (Rs. 1,05,000 crore) by FY20, according to a recent report by FICCI and EY.


Train The Trainer by 180degree.in - "Be a Wellness Coach" !!

180degree is India's First and Biggest Wellness Coaching Platform of its Kind !
With Various Expert Trainers on the Educators Panel, it Offeres Wide Variety of Wellness Coaching Modules in Single Platform !

Start Your Career As

Wellness Trainer & Life Coach

Wellness Trainer & Life Coach

  • Wellness Coach
  • Wellness Trainer
  • Wellness Consultants
  • Wellness Facilitators
  • Wellness Therapist
  • Wellness Counselors
  • Wellness Speaker
  • Wellness Center Owner

Live Life As

Legendary Wellness Coach

India needs 2.5 Lac wellness expert by 2020

Successful Corporate Trainer

Every corporate struggling for productvity

International Life Coach

Wellness is global demand for peace and happiness

Dynamic Motivational Speaker

People needs inspirational and encouragement

Profitable Business Owner

Wellness is trillion dollar industry

Be A Global Wealthy Citizen

All global culture and communities are converging

Wellness Coach SCOPE in Wellness Industry

  • Start your Business in 1.5 trillion industry at 20% YoY growth rate.
  • Career beyond Health, Happiness & Harmony by serving the mankind.
  • Opportunity to cater your Desire into the field of Training & Traveling.
  • Plan your Purpose, Passion & Prosperity to make India healthy.
  • Entrepreneur of new era with Talent, Technology & Team to reach the sky.

Be A Wellness Coach

Be A Wellness Coach

Our Program

Be A Wellness Coach /Trainer / Expert

19,20,21 July 2019, Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand

Wellness Educator

( 3 Days Residential Training Program )

"Wellness Educator" Training program is Specially Designed TTT Program for Trainers and Aspiring Trainers in Wellness Industry ! It is to give relevant exposure of different aspects on How to become Wellness Trainer !!

Programme Benefits

  • Start Your Career as WELLNESS EDUCATOR !
  • Learn to Earn 25K to 250K per month* !
  • Name and Fame in Society for Nobel Cause !
  • Opportunity to Travel and Make New Friends !
  • Establish yourself as a Professional Wellness Coach !
  • Opportunity to Become Corporate Trainer !

Grand Reiki Master

Wellness Educator Key Focus Area

  • Wellness Business - an trillion Dollar Opportunity
  • Ayurved & Nature - the Master Science
  • Health and Fitness - Yog, Pranayam & Mudra
  • Power NLP, Reiki Quantum Jump - the Energy Science
  • Body, Mind, Soul - the inter shync Mechanism
  • Intro to Message Therapy - Subconcious Healing
  • Basics of Subconcious Healing
  • Image Building & Event Management.
  • Digital Marketing & Sales Funnel.
  • "FWAYADA" Therapy and Its Practical Aspects

21 Days - Train The Trainer Module

Level 1 :

Wellness Educator - THREE Days Residential

Level 2 :

Module 1 - Wellness Expert I - FOUR Days Residential
Module 2 - Wellness Expert II - FOUR Days Residential

Level 3 :

Aarogyacharya - SEVEN Days Residential

Level 4 :

Co-Trainer Sessions - Two Days

Level 5 :

Launching as a TRAINER - ONE Day Event


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