Dr. Sudhir Kumar Thakur

Life Coach, Wellness Entrepreneur, Business Expert, NLP Trainer, Int. Motivator, Speaker & Author

Dr. Sudhir Kumar Thakur

( Life Coach, Wellness Entrepreneur, Business Expert, NLP Trainer, Int. Motivator, Speaker & Author )

He is a man of Ideas & Ideology, a quick Learner & an excellent Teacher, a charismatic Counselor, a dynamic Motivator and a life changing Trainer. People call him a Magician and Friends recall as a Magnet. A multitasking, tough personality and religious Thakur has all professional attributes with aesthetic emotional touch.

Dr. Thakur is the founder member of "180degree-Transforming Lives" a unit of Maats Consultants Private Limited. He is also providing the consulting services to number of other organizations as Consultant, Director, Executive Director and Associate Director. His experience from a marketing executive to a planning director, from a lecturer to the persona development trainer, from a team builder to the stage performer; make him a Life Coach and a Human Engineer. His special personal interest in the area of Wellness and Health has made him a RENOWNED WELLNESS EXPERT with diverse knowledge on Ayurveda, Alternative Therapies, Energy Healing and Nature based techniques. With his deep study, research in the subjects he has guided many individuals to come out of life’s issues, STRESS, DISEASES, mental TRAUMA and Emotional issues.

His 20 yrs practical approach with the market, marketing team and marketing strategy benefited more than fifty thousands of young lives in various ways as a Business Mentor and more than ten thousands people in getting their Health in HARMONY with NATURE as a Wellness Expert.


Life Coaching
Energy Healing
Health Issues
Mind Power
Message Therapy
Health issues & Solutions
Wellness & Ayurveda
Alternate Healing Therapies
Holisting Healing
Human Behaviour
Human Approach in Organization
Toughness and strength in Life
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Humanity and Moral Values in Life
Image Management
Market Research
Business Research and Strategy
Branding and Marketing Management
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“ Good Leaders Don't Solve Problem, But Teach Others To Find Solutions ”

Life Coach & NLP Practitioner:
Dr. Sudhir Kumar Thakur developed MIND power, earlier in his school days itself. By learning energy healing practices in his education life, he correlated Mind-Matter mechanism well in life. He experienced the power of MIND and EMOTIONS early in life in various situations.

Since the childhood, he had special interest in the area of Physics, Metaphysics, Energy and Matter science. At the same time, As a Science Graduate & MSc. in Physics, he understand the Mind and Matter in depth. He started working with various people in solving their Mental, emotional, relational, and internal issues with Alternate Healing, Energy Healing, Mind Power, and NLP practice. He has strong understanding of Human Psychology, behavior, attitude, habits and mental blocks.

Being a Phd in Ayurveda & Alternate Therapies, and practicing experience with thousands of people in last 20 years, he has developed expertise in empowering people with their uplifting by synchronizing Mind-Body & Soul for living happy, successful and joyful life.

Ayurveda & Wellness Expert:
With the exceptional talent and Extraordinary learning capability, he has undergone many years of training, learning and practice of various Wellness & Ayurveda Therapies, Alternate Healing Science & Herbs. With the rich experience of more than 10 years of research in Ayurveda Practices & Alternate Therapies, he had emerged as a Great Wellness Expert and is spreading Ayurveda Principles in the society as a mission.

Master Business Coach:
His rich experience of industry for more than 20 years and His educational background, Dr. Sudhir Kumar Thakur has blessed many entrepreneurs with his Business Fundamentals. As an MBA in International Business, he has mentored many Founders and Businessmen to expand their business at international level by building World Class Organizations.

His Business Acumen and Visionary Brain, envisage the invisible and probable. He know how to empower corporate leaders, businessmen and organization leaders with relevant skills, knowledge and aptitude.