25th Oct 2021, New Delhi

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Daulat Ke Darwaje

KNOCK the DOORS towards MASSIVE wealth creation

  • Do you want to know why you are still struggling with MONEY?
  • Is MONEY a challenge in your Life?
  • Is your Business not expanding the way you want?
  • Has your schooling stepped you into a never ending RAT RACE?
  • Are you still living Pay-cheque to Pay-Cheque?
  • Do you want to know secrets for MASSIVE WEALTH CREATION?


Your thinking about money, wealth and richness leads you to way to Wealth Creation. But what thoughts? We all are taught specific principles to NOT to become wealthy in our formal schooling, so TRADITIONAL thinking will NOT help.

Traditional education and formal schooling system has created a breed of professionals and experts in certain domain. This whole system has not trained individuals to build businesses, make investments and create wealth. So, if you want to create next level of growth and wealth, you need completely learn new values, new habits, new principles and live it day and night.

Daulat Ke Darwaje

It is Well Researched and Proven that

  • Businessmen and Founders who are not Changing Themselves from the Traditional Way to Modern Way of doing business, are going out of Market and Businesses at much faster speed today !!
  • Entrepreneurs and Businessmen who are NOT good at Resource Mobilization & Channelization, keep on struggling for Business Resources all the Time !!
  • Most of Business Founders LOOSE almost ALL of their MONEY, ASSETS & WEALTH in first TWO Businesses !!
  • Most of the Entrepreneurs who are NOT Updating themselves LOOSE All of Their Money, Investor's Money and Bank's Money in first TWO years of Businesses !!
  • Many Founders Keep on Living in Deep Financial Debts because of their Lack of Financial Intelligence !!
  • Most of the Businesses fail or keep Riding on Roller Coaster Ride because of its Founders and Their Limited Perspectives !!
  • Many Businesses Don't Reach "Take-Off Stage", just because of Lack of Skills, Knowledge and MIND-SET of their OWNERS !!
  • In todays Fast Changing Markets Scenario and Era when Business Dynamics are Varying much faster than earlier, "SAME " Business thinking and Knowledge is NOT working anymore !!
  • Businessman who are NOT updating their MIND SET, are Missing Their GOALS and GRWOTH repeatedly !!

You might be facing some similar issues in YOUR Business !!

  • Insufficient Sales Funnel and Closures
  • Outdated Marketing Strategy
  • Inefficient Operations
  • Team Problems
  • Inter-departmental & Inter-branch Coordination GAPS.
  • Non Skilled Man-Power and HR Systems.
  • Execution Failures
  • Leadeship Team Issues
  • Lack of Resources
  • Limited Market Access
  • NO Profitability, Losses and Repeated Debts
  • Confused Strategy
  • NO Guidance or Mentoring to OWNERS
  • There can be Many More......Much More......


- a unique program, which is specifically designed to start re-programing your mind and shifting your paradigm for a new journey of “true wealth creation”. All the principles will help you in building relevant Business and Investment strategies in your life.


Programme Highlights

  • Wealth Mindset Vs Poor Mindset
  • Mental Blocks which are keeping you struggling
  • Key Belief Systems which are different in Riches
  • Principles to expand your Business multifold
  • Role of Mental Mapping and Right Goals
  • Practical Aspects to Wealth Creation
  • How to open Doors to Wealth Creation in 2021 for Your family.
  • Your Role as a Businessman and Investor

Upcoming Date

Date: 25th Oct 2021
Location: The LaLiT, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Price: ₹ 15,000/- Per Participant (Including GST)
  • 25th Oct 2021
    The LaLiT, Connaught Place, New Delhi
    9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    ₹ 15,000/- Per Participant (Including GST)

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The Program to TRANSFORM Your Wealth Creation Habits to

"Learn... !    Implement... !!    Breakthrough... !!!"

  • Decide to come out of IGNORANCE towards Wealth Creation......
  • Build a WEALTHY LIFE for yourself and your family.....
  • Live life of ABUNDANCE....
  • Grow your BUSINESS multifold and profitable.....
  • Learn to create multiple passive INCOME streams.....
  • Open the doors towards RICHNESS & WEALTH....
  • Start Transforming your FINANCIAL LIFE in 2018

Re-create Your Financial Life !!

Decide to Master Wealth Creation Secrets and New Rules of Money


Many people don't get to know why they are not creating Wealth

You have a chance to learn new rules of Money and THE rules of wealth creation

Happyness life coach people

RICH people know the secrets of MASSIVE WEALTH CREATION

Don't let your traditional, formal and non relevant schooling overrule your financial life !!

Happyness life coach people

WEALTHY people decide & take actions to build RICH future

you can start building your future by investing your time, money and energy in building Great BUSINESS to create MASSIVE WEALTH !!

Happyness life coach people

  • Understand the new rules of Money
  • Know how rich people grow their Businesses
  • See how investors invests with Intelligence
  • Get what wealthy people have learnt about Money
  • Practice the principles in your Financial life to see the Change
  • Master the rules & Build BIG Businesses
  • Attract Opportunities & Open Multiple Doors of Money Flow
  • Decide to be An Expert in Creating Wealth

Daulat Ke Darwaje

An Intense Workshop to heal your FINANCIAL LIFE

  • More than Economic conditions, your MIND’s conditions work all the time...
  • Financially intelligent people lead the show, rest all follow...
  • Financially Intelligent or Average Life ?

Choice is Yours.....!!!!

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  • Your Professional intelligence can give you good Living !!!
  • Your WEALTH MINDSET will give you Fulfilling LIFE !!!
  • Good Living or Great Life ?

Choice is Yours....!!!!

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  • You can learn Money Principles and Build Businesses !!!
  • You can start creating wealth & live in abundance !!!
  • Life of Poor Mindset or Rich Life ?

Choice is Yours....!!!!

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  • People don’t know why are they struggling for Money....
  • Their belief system towards MONEY and WEALTH is defective.....
  • They have been trained to be IGNORANT and NOT to make MONEY......
  • Many people spend entire life in managing salaries but leave the freedom of wealth aside....

I decide to take charge of My Financial Life !!!!

I decide to take charge of My Financial Life !!!!