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  • न मया क्रियते शिष्यः कृतः शिष्यो न कश्चन।
    शिष्यतामिच्छते सद्यो दीयते गुरूता मया॥

    I do not make any followers, Those who desire to be my disciples I instantly make them masters.

    ~ महामहोपाध्याय आचार्य श्री रामेश्वर झा

  • Good Leaders Don't Solve Problem,
    But Teach Others To Find Solutions

    ~ Dr. Sudhir Kumar Thakur

  • Be careful in choosing your words as relationships are often affected by what you speak

    ~ Ashish Kumar

  • If you want to build a positive attitude, learn the phrase, " Do it Now " and stop the habit of procrastination

    ~ Dr. Keshav Rao

  • आत्मज्ञानं समारम्भः तितिक्षा धर्मनित्यता ।
    यमर्थान्नापकर्षन्ति स वै पण्डित उच्यते ॥

    ~ Rajpurohit Acharya Rakesh Narayan Ji

  • UpComing Events

    21 Aug 2021

    Venu : South Delhi, New Delhi, India

    FAT Free India
    (Wellness, Day Event)

    An unique “FWAYADA” based 120 days weight loss program which assures your figure into the perfect shape. It is the balanced mix of Food, Water, Ayurveda empowered by Yog, Aerobics, Dance and Astro Analysis. The Subconscious healing by NLP helps programming the thalamus and pineal glands to keep the body always in shape.

  • UpComing Events

    3-5 Sep 2021

    Venu : Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand, India

    Two DAYS RESIDENTIAL Wellness Workshop

    (Wellness, Residential)

    - a unique program, which is specifically designed to Re-Fresh your mind to create and optimal balance of mind-body mechanism. It will also gives you a Glimpse of practical Ayurvedic Culture and Living in day to day life. By implementing the Alternative Healing therapies, energy healing techniques and Ayurveda principles you can increase your productivity with more balanced mind by knowing HOW to live STRESS FREE…!

    More info
  • UpComing Events

    1-5 Oct 2021

    Venu : Jim Corbett, Ram Nagar, Uttarakhand, India

    (Wellness, Residential Event)

    Most of the today's diseases are actually disorders. These are results of imbalance of various vital "life elements". Many ailments are directly related to lifestyle, food habits, thought patterns, and not having special nutrition/ herbs in day to day life. It is also imbalance and non synchronization of Mind, body and soul. Moreover many diseases are related to emotional and mental blockages which we create in our day to day lives.

    More info
  • UpComing Events

    31st July, 2021

    Be A Wellness Coach
    (2 hrs FREE Webinar)

    "Wellness Educator" Training program is Specially Designed TTT Program for Trainers and Aspiring Trainers in Wellness Industry ! It is to give relevant exposure of different aspects on How to become Wellness Trainer !!

  • UpComing Events

    25 Oct 2021

    Venu : Location: The LaLiT, Connaught Place, New Delhi, India

    Daulat Ke Darwaje
    (Business, Day Event)

    - a unique program, which is specifically designed to start re-programing your mind and shifting your paradigm for a new journey of “true wealth creation”. All the principles will help you in building relevant Business and Investment strategies in your life

    More info

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"Wellness, Business & Life"

THREE CORE Aspects of Human Needs


Wealthy people KNOW that WELLNESS is Key to SUCCESS.

Make Ancient Ayurveda & Healing Science a way to 180degree shift in your Wellness!!

Happyness life coach people

Your GROWT in your Business is directly proportional to your LEARNING.

SET, WORK and ACHIEVE your BUSINESS GOALS with 180degree shift in learning!!

Happyness life coach people

Good Life is THE Enemy of GREAT LIFE.

Raise your Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Level to shift life by180degree with HEALTH, WEALTH, PEACE, HAPPINESS!!

Happyness life coach people

Be a Wellness Coach

Become Wellness Expert & Start your OWN TRAINING Business

An Entrepreneur spreading Indian Ayurveda & Healing Therapies back into our lives again

India requires approximately 2.5 lacs professionally trained Wellness Experts by 2020. All these experts will serve in various dimentions of wellness to educate & treat society. Indian Ayurveda & Alternate Natural Therapies are becoming preferred choices in dealing with the Life threatening disorders. As the same time, it has also created BIG opportunity for Young Entrepreneures to professionally build businesses in Wellness Industry.

Happyness life coach people