Sudhir Thakur

Mr. Sudhir Thakur is a man of Ideas & Ideology, a quick Learner & an excellent Teacher, a charismatic Counselor, a dynamic Motivator and a life changing Trainer. People call him a Magician and Friends recall as a Magnet. A multitasking, tough personality and religious Thakur has all professional attributes with aesthetic emotional touch. His academic experience along with marketing skill and training quality always add the values to the company's long term objectives.

Mr. Thakur is the founder of "180degree-Training & Counseling" a unit of My Perfect Academia Pvt Ltd, and also leading as CEO in Maats Consultants Private Limited. He is also providing the consulting services to number of other organizations as Consultant, Director, Executive Director and Associate Director. His experience from a marketing executive to a planning director, from a lecturer to the Persona Development Trainer, from a team builder to the stage performer; make him a Life Counselor and a Human Engineer.

His 20 yrs practical approach with the market, marketing team and marketing strategy benefited more than fifty thousands of young & entrepreneur's life in various ways.