An Unique full-Day Workshop for Married Couples


The fast changing commercialization of life and globalised business organization have brought in unprecedented attitude changes towards the institution called “the Family”, and therelationship known as Jeevansaathi (life partner) to the compromising partners of their planned decisions. Busy in business or business growth, higher career expectations and fluctuating financial market has somehow disturbed the inter-personal relationship and warmth feelings to each other. Each life has two aspects – the first is materialistic and the another is spiritualistic where the first runs by the logical brain and another is governed by the loving heart but both duels in between the MIND and the SOUL of our BODY. Jeevansaathi forever is designed to bring the two Souls into a Mind for the peaceful attainment of their conjugal relation – made for each other. The day can assure you to initiate for the higher level of consciousness for the SUCCESS you desire to reach.


In order to develop and understand the SUCCESS, the step starts from the home where two different souls from two different family environments developed under two different philosophy with their own dreams, habits, culture, behavior and styles, rituals, relations fight to live together without understanding each other; well equipped with e-factors

  • Prepare the SOULS to Understand the MIND.
  • Prepare the BODY to listen its Languages.
  • Prepare the HEART to Beat Together.
  • Prepare to LiVE The LiFE, LAVISHLY.


  • The SPOUSE formula for rapid recovery from anything and everything life could throw your way
  • The ONE detrimental thing everyone does when faced with major obstacles and how it guarantees you will continue to suffer and repel miracles along the way-simply shift this and you'll transform your life
  • Your 3 sentence statement that turbo-charges your self-esteem and resiliency
  • The energy shift you can do easily (and anywhere) that will have you feeling better (and peaceful) instantly. and so much more!


The Married Couple of any Age, from the any corner of the Globe willing to mingle their happiness for the sake of their Successful Life internally and eternally



Prof. Dhraj Chauhan is an excellent Life Coach, a fantastic Learner, a motivational Trainer, a cool Logician & wonderful Speaker. He is an architect of Human Engineering and has been drafting the Career and delivering the Success for thousands of thousand since 2000. The cool and much disciplined Dhiraj really means the name chosen by his parents. The association with several social organizations shows his interest in public cause. The dream which ignited him to become an entrepreneur has grown ever better in association with bold and beautiful talented lady Juhee Chauhan. She is intelligent academically, brilliant in education & human development and genius in family psychology.

Sudhir Thakur, a man of Ideas & Ideology, a quick Learner & an excellent Teacher, a charismatic Counselor, a dynamic Motivator & a life changing Trainer. People call him a Magician and Friends recall as a Magnet. A multitasking, tough personality and religious Sudhir has all professional attributes with aesthetic emotional touch. His academic experience along with experience, skill and training quality will certainly add the values to the Jeevansathi forever.


The workshop will be held through Interactive audio, visual Presentation sessions, Group discussions, Case study, Role play and Games. Various Exercises will be used to stimulate learning with fun



Rs 4000/- inclusive service tax @12.36 % which includes professional fee, workshop materials and full day Meal per couple.

Note:- the outstations participants would have to manage their lodging themselves. One can ask for the assistance near or in the hotel

The Demand draft / Bank Transfer should be drawn favoring Maats Consultants Pvt Ltd , payable at New Delhi.

For Delhi(14th Feb,15) 11 Feb, 2015 / 6:00pm