Dhiraj Chauhan

Prof. Dhiraj Chauhan is a renowned name in the field of motivational training. His conversant and practical approach has changed countless lives. He is a unique blend of Learner, Trainer and Logician. After graduation he did MBA and joined the hands with Surya Group of Companies as a trainer. His 3 years of presence in the company benefited the business a lot, he proved to be a boon for it by enhancing the performance of the staff and the organization as a whole. Meanwhile he also attended several world class workshops and seminars. Being a constant novice he has cultivated an influential and electrifying persona. His unique bilingual approach coupled with psycho socio training style which has become one of the most powerful training model that worked in Indian subcontinent.

Prof. Chauhan is an architect of Human Engineering and has been drafting the career of thousands since 2000. The cool and much disciplined Dhiraj really means the name chosen by his parents. His association with several social organizations shows his interests in public cause. The Dream which ignited him to become an entrepreneur has grown even better in association with bold and beautiful talented lady Juhi Chauhan. She is academically intelligent, brilliant in child education & development and overall a genius in family psychology.